Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Activity Guide: Moon Launch

The team at Achievement Products asked our consultant, Occupational Therapist Scott Russo, to provide some activity suggestions for incorporating some of our favorite items into daily classroom activities or curriculum. 

Scott has provided some really great and creative ways to use items (that may have been originally designed for typically developing children), in special needs environments. 

Today we will look at the Moon Launch.


The Moon Launch is a large cushion filled with foam and covered with a waterproof, easy-to-clean, pliable nylon cover. It is a perfect tool for either individual or group sensory activities. The use of individual foam blocks as a filler means the Moon Launch will surround the child providing an excellent source of proprioceptive feedback while also providing an uneven surface for the provision of vestibular input.

Activity ideas:

·        Use it as a crash pillow. For the child with an excess amount of energy, set the Moon Launch up in a safe place and have the child jump and land on it or put it as the final destination for a scooter board path where the child crashes into the Moon Launch.

·        Use for balance and vestibular input. Have the child walk on, lie down and barrel roll, bear-crawl, crab walk, or summersault on the Moon Launch. It provides a safe landing for classroom, home or clinic "gymnastics."

·        Use as part of an obstacle course. Using any of the motor challenges above makes the Moon Launch a perfect piece of an obstacle course. Other motor challenges can include crawling or "snaking" under the Moon Launch. This will provide proprioceptive input combined with vestibular input for a more powerful sensory experience.

·        Use as a safe sensory place for breaks. The Moon Launch can be used for a child to sit on or lie on quietly to escape a challenging sensory environment. Used in this way, the Moon Launch will provide a good amount of proprioceptive input for a calming effect. It can also be used as part of quiet room with other sensory products such as bubble tubes, mood lights, music, etc.

·        Use as a "nap time" tool for the child with sensory challenges. The foam cushion in the Moon Launch will wrap the child in comfort and pressure to help encourage sleeping.

For more information about the Moon Launch and other great items please visit http://www.achievement-products.com.  

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