Thursday, July 21, 2011

Autism Society of America Conference Recap!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Achievement Products booth at the recent Autism Society of America conference! We loved meeting all of you and continue to reflect on your stories, input and interaction with our products, especially the sensory sensations of Bubber™ (APDBUBGR), Sensory Snow (AP7251), IncredibleFoam® Dough (APDFOAMSAM), Moon Sand® (APDMOON), and Slippery Spheres (AP23334) we had on display!

We were delighted to hear that many of the items we feature in Achievement Products are already helpful to the children in your programs and care, and we want to remind you all to take a look at the over 40 new items in our newest catalog and to take advantage of the special 15% off Sensory Stimulation products offer.

We were particularly excited to learn that, while the age focus for most of the items we offer is in the 1-5 years range, many programs find the items in Achievement Products are helpful for older children with autism as well, beginning with the five sensory sensations items we list above. Other products appropriate for older children on the autism spectrum include:

Items for social emotional and communication issues:
Talk About How We Feel (AP3577) - A photo card activity featuring images of youngsters in the early teens age range.
Trading Faces (AP72200) - An illustrated game focusing on emotional intelligence that features the likenesses of 10-12 year olds.
Talk Blocks (AP4412) - A set of five, 3”x3” blocks that record messages up to 30 seconds in length each.

Sensory calming and stimulation items:
Classroom Light Filters (AP92301)
Vibro Tactile Mit (AP91044)
Natural Sound Machine (AP6953)
Room Effects Projectors and Wheels, Range from AP5610 - AP5620

Fuzzy Tangle – Set of 2 (AP2900)
Therapy Tangle (AP3300)
Hairy Tangle (AP1290)
Mini Massage Fidget – Set of 12 (AP3311)
Squeeze Rings – Progressive Resistances Set of 3 (AP302)

Arts & Crafts items:
Colossal Barrel of Crafts (AP723)
Scented Markers (APDSNIFF)

It was clear that parents and educators of teens on the autism spectrum are creative in their approach to reaching, and succeeding with, the teenagers in their care. We invite you to share your success stories with teens you know and provide for who are on the spectrum.


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