Monday, June 13, 2011

A Lot to See at the Autism Society National Conference

Hello, my name is Calista White and I am part of the marketing team for Achievement Products® for Special Needs. Achievement Products® is happy to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 42nd annual Autism Society National Conference and Exposition in Orlando, FL from July 6-9, 2011. This conference addresses the range of issues affecting people with autism by bringing together the expertise and experiences of family members, professionals and individuals on the spectrum. Attendees are invited to learn about early intervention, education, employment, behavior, social skills and other issues ranging across the entire lifespan of individuals with autism. About 2,000 participants, from parents to therapists to educators, will attend the conference and we would love to see you there!

Please come by our booth (Number 105) and check out some of our favorite new products! We will have a wide assortment of Sensory Stimulation and Sensory Integration products on display. One of our favorites is the Quiet Corner (AP93212). Our exclusive Quiet Corner is the perfect contained space for quiet time, with a soft floor that invites relaxation and a removable wall mirror to limit, or add visual stimulation. This is the perfect place for quiet exploration and other calming sensory activities.
Another product we will feature is the Twilight Turtle (AP97323). The turtle’s soft light and color soothe the senses and transform a room into a starry sky. The shell glows in three calming colors and projects a moons and stars onto the ceiling. It’s the perfect companion for all ages to ease the transition to sleep time, and even includes a fully illustrated star guide so little astronomers can find up to eight constellations!
We will also be showcasing is the Weighted Body Blanket (AP3857), which is perfectly sized at 56”L x 20”W for bigger children and young adults. This latex- and lead-free blanket wraps snugly around the upper back, shoulders and arms and helps to reduce instances of distraction and hyperactivity. It also may aid in building concentration skills. At approximately 6 ½ lbs., it is filled with rice and flax seed.
At our booth, we will also have two Make-and-Take Art Therapy projects for you to do! We will have a “How Are You Feeling Today?” craft, featuring Easy-Grip Emotions Stampers (APDEGEMO) and our Colorations® Jumbo Washable Stamp Pads (APDJSP). These easy-to-hold stampers are a great interactive tool to introduce facial expressions and associate their accompanying emotions.
Attendees will also be able to make and take home some putty! Our putty features BioColor® paint (APDBIO16ST) and BioPutty® solution (APDPUTTY). These two unique solutions combine into a highly tactile medium for sensory therapy that can increase range of motion and hand closure.
There will be a lot to see and do for children, parents, and professionals at our Achievement Products® booth! Drop by to receive a special offer for 15% off Sensory Stimulation products plus free freight on warehouse inventory items!

We hope to see you there!