Friday, April 22, 2011

The Hit of the AOTA Expo: Make Your Own Putty!

Over 800 occupational therapists whose focus is children with special needs stopped by our Achievement Products booth at the American Occupational Therapists Association (AOTA) Annual Conference and Expo in Philadelphia to make their own BioPutty® last week!

All were delighted by this easy, multi-sensory experience, and we were delighted to hear the conversational exchanges about its many benefits. Among them:
*Squeezing the paint bottle exercises the hand.
*Fingering the BioColor® paint into putty in the water-based BioPutty® solution soothes and exercises.
*Allowing each child to make and have their own putty is more sanitary.
*Selecting from 11 paint colors encourages creativity and language opportunities.
*This is so economical!
*This would be great for science and color-blending activities.
*Everything is non-toxic and doesn’t contain latex or gluten, and it has no strong smell—that’s great!

At Achievement Products, we’re already planning ahead for more fun art therapy projects at the 2012 AOTA Conference and Expo, but until then, here’s the recipe for making your own BioPutty® with BioColor® paint!

Step 1.
Shake BioPutty® (APDPUTTY) solution vigorously and pour 3-4 cups of solution into a container.
Step 2.
Pour ~1/4 cup (or about 5 seconds of a good squeeze on the bottle) of BioColor® paint (APDBIO) into the solution (only BioColor® paint will work)
Step 3.
Run your fingers through the solution and BioPutty® miraculously emerges, exercising your fingers while immersed in the soothing BioPutty® solution.
Step 4.
Store BioPutty® in an airtight container or zip-lock bag.
Note: Use this product under adult supervision.

Fun Ideas!
*Combine two primary colors of BioColor® paint for a secondary color.
*Knead some rice into the BioPutty® solution for a different tactile sensation.

Allergen Information about BioColor® Paint and BioPutty®:
Does not contain Latex
Does not contain Dairy and Casein
Does not contain Egg
Does not contain Gluten
Does not contain Peanut and Tree Nut
Does not contain Soy

With so much excitement about BioColor® paint and and BioPutty® at the AOTA Conference, we hope you’ll try it, too. We want to hear how you use BioPutty® with the special children in your life, so please be sure to share!

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